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Sponsors of the International EPR (ESR) Society

We are happy to acknowledge the support of the corporations listed below.

The EPR Newsletter is widely acknowledged as a unique source of information about EPR/ESR worldwide, and it is seen by a very high proportion of those working in the field.

The Society has over 1000 individual members, and it is the only truly international society solely devoted to EPR spectroscopy and its applications across a spectrum of interests, from physics and materials science, to geology, dosimetry, chemistry, biology and biomedical research.

Our members particularly appreciate being kept up to date on instrumental advances, getting advice on where to obtain equipment replacement parts, cryostats, specialty chemicals, glassware etc, and receiving information on the latest books, journals, and physico/chemical/ biological advances in the field.

When you advertise through the newsletter or use the database, it is a very cost-effective way of targeting your customer at home and abroad. Both our advertising and membership rates are extremely low by any international standard. We keep them low as a matter of policy, in order to include as many scientists as possible from different countries. Advertising is targeted directly to the user community.

Anyone who reads your advertisement in the EPR Newsletter is a potential customer, and the feedback we get from our members about the usefulness of this information source reinforces our opinion that we do, indeed, offer you a unique opportunity.

Bruker BioSpin Corp.

Contact: Dr. Art Heiss
Manning Park
Billerica, MA 01821 United States
Phone: 1-978-663-7406
FAX: 1-978-670-8851


Contact: Sales department
c/o Hornlund, Kungsgatan 54
Furulund, 244 62 Sweden
Phone: +46 46 56 00 346
FAX: +46 85 01 27 288

GMW Associates

Contact: Ian Walker
955 Industrial Rd.
San Carlos, CA 94070 United States
Phone: 1-650-802-8292
FAX: 1-650-802-8298


Contact: Yukio Mizuta
Ohtemachi Nomura Bldg. 13F, 2-1-1 Ohtemachi,
Chiyoda-ku, TOKYO, 100-0004 Japan
Phone: 81-42-528-3340 new:+81-3-6262-3575
FAX: 81-42-528-3385 new: +81-3-6262-3577

L & M EPR Supplies

Contact: Margarita Manarik
4152 W. Lisbon
Milwaukee, WI 53208 United States
Phone: 1-414-324-1052
FAX: 1-262-889-2368

Research Specialties

Contact: James R. Anderson
1030 S. Main
Cedar Grove, WI 53013 United States
Phone: 1-920 889 3893
FAX: 1-866 800 5713