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Please fill in the following form, and click the SUBMIT button when complete. Once the form has been submitted, you may pay dues online with a credit card (you will be forwarded to a secure site) or you may mail a check to the Treasurer at the address listed on the Officers page.

The International EPR (ESR) Society is a non-profit organization, and thus the law may allow all or part of your contribution to be tax deductible. (The non-profit FEIN number for the USA is 37-1271796.)

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Contrast Agents
Coal, Fossil Fuels, and other Carbonaceous Materials
Single Crystals/Crystalline Materials
Double/ Multiple MR Techniques
Electron Paramagnetic Resonance Imaging
Ferromagnetic/ Antiferromagnetic Materials
Free Radicals
High Field/ High Frequency EPR
Metal Ions
Liquid Crystals
Pulsed EPR/ Time Domain EPR
Photochemistry/ Photobiology/ Photosynthesis
Chemically-Induced Dynamic Polarization; Dynamic Nuclear Polarization
Solid State, Materials
Surface Studies
Spin Trapping
In Vivo EPR

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